“Just don’t give up what you’re trying to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.” — Ella Fitzgerald 

ID4Educators is the love and inspiration, because being an educator is challenging and oh so rewarding. Through coaching, courses and conversation we impact the pedagogical practices of educators in K-12 settings. We provide practical learning designs and impactful learning solutions embedded in instructional design (ID) theories to further enhance your pedagogical practices while strengthening your focus on equity and inclusion principles that no longer isolates diverse learners but centers them. This is Instructional Design for Educators (ID4Educators) created and managed by one dope Female Instructional Designer! 

ID4Educators 1-on-1


Have a learning design problem? Are your learners experiencing a learning gap that you are not sure how to solve? Book a coaching session with us to diagnose the challenge and then work closely with me - K. Hughes, a classroom teacher, instructional designer, and current instructional leader - to plan and develop an effective learning solution. Sessions are online and vary in time frames. 

ID4Educators Learners


To be a life long learner and a professional, educators must always be on the path to growth in a field that changes with the advancement of technology and global emergencies. Participate in one of our self-paced courses designed with you - a forever growing professional - in mind. Be sure to share your feedback at the end, so that we can improve your experience and meet your needs.

ID4Educators Community Forum


New to the field of Instructional Design for Online Learning, I am motivated to use the knowledge and skills I attain from my instructional design courses at Capella University as a doctoral learner and my wealth of knowledge as a 6-12 classroom teacher. Chime in our Discussion Forum with feedback, questions or ways in which you use elements of instructional design to enhance learning outcomes.