Working From Home

Instructional Design For Educators

Empirical research has affirmed that "teachers have the most direct influence on students’ learning; they are at the heart of the instructional core [. . .]" (Scanlan & Theoharis, 2015, p. 54). Learners who do not feel authentically connected to the learning environment (remote or in-person) disengage and become disinterested in “schooling.”

This is where our mission stems. If we can support educators with planning instruction that honors and validates their learners through the processes of instructional design then surely we will evolve as educators in our forever changing world. The services we provide are embedded in instructional design practices and culturally relevant principles to enhance effective planning experiences for K-12 teachers. Moreover, our services also provide educational administrations intentional training opportunities to build the capacity of classroom teachers. 

**** Reference: Scanlan, M., & Theoharis, G. (2015). Educational leadership for equity and diversity. New York: Routledge.