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Antiguan in America

Antiguan in America: A Racial Autobiography

The coronavirus pandemic has bookmarked a time in our history that drastically magnified the racial injustice in systems across America. There is no time but the present to begin strengthening our racial awareness so that we can become change agents within our personal and professional communities. 

In this elaborate example of a racial autobiography, Karima Hughes, takes us on a journey of her childhood experiences in the Caribbean island of Antigua to her "becoming of self" journey in America as first an immigrant child and then as an Afro-Antiguan woman in academia. Focused on race, she shares her personal histories to propel her readers toward a pathway of racial self-interrogation through critical reflection.

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Antiguan in America Reviews

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Phenomenal Woman 
I can honestly say that I have never read an entire book in one day, but each page grabbed my attention! I can relate to almost every experience/encounter mentioned as an Afro-Latina Woman. Thank you for sharing the wealth of knowledge! I would recommend this book to any afro-descendant girl, teen and woman! THIS BOOK WAS BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN!

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Antigua, West Indies 

Pigeon Point Beach

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