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Adult Learning & Professional Development

Explore Ways ID4Educators Can Work for You

Employee Performance Training Materials

What is a learning experience without materials that actually enhance retention and performance? ID4Edcuators will design training materials that enhance the learning experience for adult learners.

Comprehensive Instructional Coaching

With over ten years in education, Karima Hughes, will develop and provide a comprehensive coaching plan that fits the needs of your organization. Coaching is always virtual and is one sustainable and quick change to improve employees performance when there is a skill or knowledge gap that exists.

On-line & In-Person Training Programs

Using instructional design theories and models as well as a variety of adult learning theories, we create online and in-person training programs that are designed to close a skill or knowledge gap that is impeding employee performance within your organization.

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Samples of Instructional Design Projects

Explore Ways ID4Educators Can Work for You

What is instructional design and why you have come to the right place. Instructional design is an age old process that was utilized by the military. Instructional design has evolved significantly and is becoming a priority as technology advances and the scope of teaching and learning continues to evolve. Instructional design is analyzing human performance problems systematically, identifying the root causes of those problems, considering various solutions to address the root causes, leveraging organizational and individual strengths, and implementing the interventions in ways designed to minimize the unintended consequences of action (Rothwell et al, 2016). Below are samples of how I have used instructional design theories and models as well as learning theories to design training programs and materials. 

Source: Rothwell, W. J., Kazanas, H.C., Benscoter, B., King, M., & King, S. B. (2016). Mastering the instructional design process: A systematic approach. (5th; ed.). Hoboken, New Jersey: Wiley.

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